Welcome to LeafHacks, where middle and high school students participate in this 4-day hackathon! Join us to create games or design productivity-related interfaces; projects should adequately adhere to the overall theme, but there are no restrictions on the type of projects or the language that should be used! Although working with a friend or peer is recommended, any team size (even solo) will be allowed. Participants can build any project that is relevant to games or design (whether that will be a website mockup, app, or video game). The hackathon will begin on April 18 at 8 AM PST, and the submission deadline will be April 21 at 8 PM PST. The closing ceremony and winner announcements will take place on April 25 at 8 PM PST. We will not be accepting any late submissions (no exceptions!) so be sure to manage your time well. We look forward to seeing your projects!


Submissions should be presented through a video or demonstration of the project, with an explanation of both the technical as well as visual/resulting parts. Participants are not limited to any programming language but the project should be relevant to the overall theme. Each group should submit ONE video of their demonstration. Be sure to read the "rules" tab for additional hackathon rules!

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$135 in prizes

Best Text-Based Game

Best Graphics-Based Game

Best Interactive Interface

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Aditi Gargeshwari

Aditi Gargeshwari
Founder, The Coding Leaf

Avani Agrawal

Avani Agrawal

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    How original is the project? Is it a unique and creative idea?
  • Effort
    Is there visibly a good faith effort that has gone into the project? In most hackathons, it is common and sometimes even expected that the project will not work 100%. However, an honest amount of work and effort could get you far as well!
  • Comprehensible
    Code should be readable and comprehensible to some degree, neatly laid out and preferably commented.
  • Usefulness/Functionality
    If the submission is a game, how functional and well-designed is it? If the submission is a web design/interactive interface, how functional and/or useful is it to the user? Can it potentially be applied in the real world?

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